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"The most important question to ask yourself in a crunch is 'what would a person who's mastered self love do'?"


Sat Devbir is an International Teacher, Speaker, Coach, and Energy Healer.

As a spiritual empowerment guide and counselor, his unique intuitive gifts have resulted in him facilitating transformation for some of the world's most influential seekers. He practices and teaches multiple healing therapy modalities including Trauma-informed Mindfulness, Parts Therapy, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Breathwork, Pranic Healing, Yoga, Meditation, and more. In 2007, he was visited by a powerful Archangel who took him to the "other side" and exposed detailed information about the inner workings of the Universe. He now utilizes this quantum access to facilitate his array of offerings. 

Co-founder of Mansion of the Heart University, he has developed personal & spiritual growth curriculum that weaves esoteric and practical wisdom into an alchemical delight, leaving participants in awe of their breakthroughs to greater joy, prosperity, and awakening. He believes that we all come to being as Masters of destiny, empowered to create fulfilling life experiences.  At an early age, he realized his ability to receive information from the spiritual world and his extrasensory gifts became apparent. From that moment forward, his greatest joy has been to help people realize the innate love, value, and wisdom within themselves. 

Some call him a Shaman, Healer, or Spiritual Teacher. Others call him a Yogi, Light Worker, or Intuitive Guide.  He believes his only power is the power of neutrality, which allows the pure energy of Source to work through him, not because of him. Currently based in Los Angeles, he aims to create soulful, integrative experiences to support spiritual empowerment and expansion.

"Yoga has introduced the essence of sacredness to a world of people who often never related to themselves as sacred. It has the potential to connect us directly to Source so that we can be empowered to live our destinies. I believe it is an elevator of consciousness."

- Sat Devbir, yoga guide magazine


"Sat Devbir is a humble Master, Incarnate Guide, on earth to support humanity's evolution. The gravity of working with him is impossible to put into words. When you are ready for this kind of experience, please seek him out immediately." -Jack Johnson

"I would like to thank you again for your beautiful program. I feel acceptance and safety within everything going on in my life, I have discovered my inner knowing also. There is great guidance, purity and high integrity in your service. I feel lighter, brighter and more ... I highly recommend to everyone who needs the healing. I am forever very grateful." - Jen Morgan

"I was shocked by how intuitive he was. His connection with Spirit is amazing, and he just knew things that I hadn't even realized about myself." - Alison Krauss

"I am so happy to have found someone so genuine and peaceful to go into these healing immersions with. Whatever I need, Sat Devbir finds a way to provide." - A. Keys


"I felt like I was going in circles... but after your healing, everything in my life starting to move in the right direction. I can't thank you enough!"

- Demetrie Granger


"Most healers I have worked with in the past had a lot of ego or personal opinions interfering with their work, which was very frustrating.  Sat Devbir is a pure channel with so much humility and love. I highly recommend." -Lisa Dowling 


"I can't even describe it. There is so much trust present whenever I enter your space. Trust that I haven't felt with anyone else in my entire life. You always seem to give me a much needed reality check and then I remember that everything's going to be ok." - M. Moore

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