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Healings, Readings, and Spiritual Counseling VIRTUALLY or in person 

Spiritual Counseling

Sat Devbir is a certified Life Coach, NLP practitioner, mentor, and intuitive channel. With his expanded perception, he can help you sort through your story, bring you into the current moment, and clear the pathway toward your destiny.  He will help you to identify the key lessons of your past and resolve them so you can plunge into the future with a clean slate.  He will share ways in which you can train the mind to serve the soul, and reach your highest potential.  There is an art to allowing the True Self to guide you forward, and you will learn how to weave it into your daily life.  The only trick to true happiness is allowing it to be!

Crystal Healing

Crystals of the earth have been used for centuries to enhance meditation, draw upon wisdom, and heal ailments in the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.  Sat Devbir is attuned to the pure vibrations of these precious stones and uses them in many ways to heal and channel information.  He was born with this gift. Each session is a sensory experience that includes a full chakra balancing, placement of stones, and the channeling of Light energy through the hands. These sessions often include portions of other healing modalities including Spiritual Counseling, Channeled messages, Reiki, Soul Retrieval, Sound Healing, Pranic Healing, Aromatherapy, and DNA Activation.

The use of crystals in healing has shown amazing results in expansion of the aura, clearing blocks, achieving balance, deep relaxation, increase of personal vibration, and improved confidence. Every session is customized to the individual and guaranteed to be transformational.


Sat Devbir is an expert Pranayam facilitator, curating powerful breathwork sessions that clear and open your body, mind + energy channels quickly and effectively 

Yoga & Meditation

Sat Devbir teaches yoga sessions for all levels in a variety of settings.  Public classes are posted on this site as scheduled.  All private sessions and corporate classes can be tailored to specific needs. Yoga is the fast track to elevated consciousness, increased productivity, overall health, and balance.  

Numerous studies have proven the positive effects of meditating; so much so that even Western doctors are recommending it as a cure for a plethora of patient complaints.  Sometimes people need a little help getting started, and Sat Devbir will do just that. Others who have experience with meditation may seek a deeper level. He will gather information on what you'd like to achieve from the session, lead you through a meditative journey, and lastly prescribe a meditation plan that you can do all on your own if you so desire. 

Guest Lecturer

Sat Devbir's vast wisdom and charisma has made him a sought after presenter and guest in wellness retreats, corporations, festivals, and media interviews.

Sound Healing

Sound healing requires no effort from the receiver, but yields incredible results. Sound therapy is becoming more and more popular due to its ability to strengthen the nervous system, clear the subconscious mind, and induce deep relaxation. Gong, Tibetan Singing bowls, brass healing bowls, gentle mantra, and harmonic chimes guide you into an altered state beyond resistance where incredible healing can occur.

House/Office Blessing

It's a wonderful feeling to know your sacred space is clear and filled with positive energy.  Sat Devbir is an expert at clearing residual energies and/or paranormal activity. Once the energy is cleared, he will charge the space with positive energy to enhance joy, prosperity, and harmony.

Past Life Regression

Sat Devbir's interactive past-life regression method is an effective way to gain knowledge of your soul's travels before this lifetime. Identifying key past experiences can provide you with a greater understanding of your current patterns, challenges, and strengths. It can bring great peace of mind and allow for swifter transformation.

Wedding Ceremony

Sat Devbir is an Ordained Minister who can facilitate the marriage vows for your sacred union.

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