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TS Meditation GROUP CLASS LIVE online 
tuesdays at 6:30pm PT

drop in anytime by donation

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Every May, we are bombarded with Mother's Day & Father's Day campaigns. This can bring up a myriad of emotions. Our relationships with our parents are complex. May is the depth of spring when Mother Nature flourishes and June is the Summer Solstice when we celebrate the light of the sacred masculine so the timing of these holidays makes sense. This is also a powerful window to balance our Yin - Yang energies.

The soft cosmic gold light that passes through our fathers to us largely determines our ability to manifest, hold boundaries, and sustain vitality levels. When there are fractures in our relationship or energetic connection to our fathers, these areas tend to be difficult.

The lunar light that passes through our mothers to us largely determines our ability to receive love, understand our inherent worth, and follow our intuition. When there are fractures in our relationship or energetic connection to our mothers, these areas tend to be difficult.

We all know that creating coherence between our feminine & masculine energies is one of the most challenging aspects of being human and also KEY to thriving in a state of balance. What most of us have not yet understood is how much our mothers & fathers actually have to do with this.

While the energetic imprints that we will be healing relate mostly to biological parents (living or transitioned), we will also be healing the wounds related to other mother & father figures so this workshop is full spectrum for everyone - even if you were adopted, raised by multiple people, etc.

With a trauma-informed approach and a safe, loving space, we will bring healing to all analogical experiences, traumas, and fractures with your Mother and Father from the time of conception. As the energy from this two-part workshop integrates, you will experience greater resolve in your relationship with your mother & father figures, have greater ease manifesting, feel a stronger connection to your inherent value, and have a higher level of receptivity to love & prosperity.

-Both sessions will be live on Zoom with Sat Devbir

-Saturday, May 4th 11am-2pm PT & Sunday, May 5th 11am-2pm PT

-Replays active for 60 days

-Participants will be gifted a guided meditation to support the integration process

virtual Crystal Healing course::

take a peek at the Mystics Retreat castle experience in Loire Valley, France

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