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TS Meditation GROUP CLASS LIVE online 
tuesdays at 6:30pm PT

drop in anytime by donation

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Our parts often seem to work against us, but once they're acknowledged, we have an opportunity to return them to their essential goodness. Parts Work is an essential part of healing.


"You will come out of this course deeply attuned to yourself and your needs. You will have a greater sense of autonomy and a stronger connection to your Higher Self. You will be empowered to move beyond blocks & limitations. You will heal, grow, and embody the very best version of yourself." - Sat Devbir


“A part is not just a temporary emotional state or habitual thought pattern. Instead, it is a discrete and autonomous mental system that has an idiosyncratic range of emotion, style of expression, set of abilities, desires, and view of the world. In other words, it is as if we each contain a society of people, each of whom is at a different age and has different interests, talents, and temperaments." - Richard Schwartz


Each module has a beautiful manual with important materials.

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virtual Crystal Healing course
now available::

take a peek at the Mystics Retreat castle experience in Loire Valley, France

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