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July 16 & 17, 2022
Beverly Hills

Day 1:
A journey into Crystal Healing. The following denotes the Phase 1 experience. Upon completion of Phase 2, you will be awarded a formal certification.   
-Introduction to Crystal Healing  Clearing and centering to welcome the crystalline energy
-How do crystals work? Scientific + Metaphysical
-Choosing, dedicating, blessing, programming, cleansing, charging, placing, caring for crystals
-What about the geometry? Natural vs. Polished? Jewelry? --Uses of crystals   
-Chakras and Chakra Crystals - Working with crystalline color therapy and chakras  
-Learning to Heal with Crystals - Physical Ailments, Emotional / Energetic blocks & traumas, Mind patterns, Managing & Clearing your energy  

Day 2:
The following denotes the Phase 2 experience. After completion of Phase 2, Academy members will be awarded a formal certification.
-Structuring Healing Sessions
-Practicum: Practice healing 
Divination: Scrying, Past Life Regression, Astral Travel, Crystal Realms / Crystal Devas
-Atlantis & Lemuria  
-Communicating / Opening the channels to call upon Guides, Archangels & Ascended Masters through the crystalline frequency
-Tools to develop Intuition, Clairs, & Mediumship
-Visiting kingdoms of Light  
-Full Course review : Review material & take home exam
-Final questions 

*Day 1 & 2 are to be taken together, however they have individual payment links for your convenience so you don't have to pay the entire tuition at one time. Registering for phase 1 saves your spot

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